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Brian Atkins (
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 21:57:35 -0500

Interesting, I've been looking for an excuse to learn more about XML, and it does sound like a good plan. Do you have a preferred method for handling the working group? Separate mailing list?

Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko wrote:
> I'm afraid this dating service will consist of a couple
> of dozen straight extropian men. (See recurrent threads
> "why there are no extropian women") in the list archives.
> However, a "meaningful dating service" where people would
> list, besides flesh characteristics, and such interests
> as "fun" and "sports", something more interesting and specific,
> may be a good idea. I even entertained for awhile the idea
> of a "universal matchmaker" that would include finding not
> only relationship partners, but people with whom you can
> carpool, play tennis, hike, share an apartment or a cruise
> cabin, start a business or an interest group.
> One solution for this would be a database with a Web front end.
> Another - better, in my opinion - is an open XML standard for
> representing personal profiles (that can be published anywhere
> on the Web), and extendable semantic search engine and matchmaker.
> I think the same approach should give birth to many other
> "semantic search and match" functions, so whoever starts it may
> gain much more than a date.
> I would be happy to join a working group on such a project.
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