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Wed, 30 Dec 1998 12:40:38 -0700

At 10:02 AM 12/30/98 -0800, Terry Donaghe: wrote:
>Anyone familiar with this effort? It looks a bit further along than
>Oceania (which I know very little about - their web site hasn't been
>updated in ages - defunct?). New Utopia sounds like a cool idea...
>Is this for real or a confirmed scam?
>Comments? Input?

I suspect there may be a fatal flaw in the New Utopia project. Their location is in "Honduran territorial waters." Even if some Honduran politicians were to recognize the "sovereignty" of New Utopia, the same or new politicians could at any time rescind that "sovereignty" and take over. See

There was a discussion on New Utopia on this list, starting 6/27/98.

Frederick Mann

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