Re: clones/'perfect'-mates/self-image

Hal Finney (
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 09:25:34 -0800

Moving away from sexuality, it is interesting to speculate on whether we would like people who were identical to ourselves. With uploading and duplication, it may be that we will be able to make copies of ourselves with ease in the future. This might be one of the primary forms of reproduction. You could have an "extended family" of duplicates of yourself, who have all diverged to various degrees, but who cooperate, play together, get together for family reunions, and generally support each other.

Some people don't seem to be the sort who would get along with copies of themselves. An extremely aggressive or selfish person would prefer the company of others who would be easy to manipulate, and so copies would lead to conflict. Someone who was suspicious and paranoid might develop fears that his copies were conspiring against him. A person who was emotionally unstable and prone to mood swings could find them amplified by being around other people who were the same way.

Other personalities would be more likely to be self-compatible. People who are easy-going, kind, generous and helpful would generally enjoy being around other people who had the same traits. Essentially, those characteristics which help people get along well with others would be good for self-compatibility.

There might also be people who have peculiar and anti-social personalities but who are also self-compatible. An introvert, shy and withdrawn around other people, could be very comfortable with his copies.

Do you think it is better to be the kind of person who gets along with himself? Should we strive to be self-compatible? Is it a sign of a personality flaw if you would not like your own copies?