Re: Happy New Year's

Natasha Vita-More (
Sun, 27 Dec 1998 10:24:39 -0600

Pssst .... the *New Year* is this coming week.

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>> > -- *winter* season? Are you mad? It's blazingly hot! 40-odd degrees
>> > Celsius most days! This is *December*, the early stretch of summer.
>> > February will be a nightmare of heat stroke and UVA.
>> ahh....if only there were a way to take the best of both hemispheres
>> and experience only that....and avoid the dread and dreary (not to mention
>> COLD) winter.

>I second that. Right now I'm in Kalix, at the northernmost tip of the
>Gulf of Bothnia (near the swedish-finnish border). The day is around
>four hours long, and today it was so cloudy that at noon it was still
>a blue-tinted dusk. Fortunately it is unseasonally warm, just -10
>degrees celsius (last week it was -27).
>Of course, this is why I want to live in an O'Neill colony with
>controlled climate and length of day. That's the way of avoiding the
>problems of living on a spheroid with uncontrolled axial tilt :-)