Re: Is George Soros Brilliant?

Tim Bates (
Sun, 27 Dec 1998 19:59:51 +1100

Randy said
>I have just finished watching George Soros ... a billionaire
>speculator, who is also the world's most generous philanthropist.
not sure about that point
>He is a financial carnivore of the first water, and was said to be a
>major factor in the recent Asian recession.
unlikely in the extreme.

>Soros is a man who says that the capitalist system is flawed.
he came to this conclusion after taking a bath in russia.

> He favors an approach called "open systems."
menas open to him getting insurance against his speculations going bad. he essentially wants a one way trap door in his favour, guaranteed (as usual) by U&me.

>I don't have the expertise
>to assess his ideas fully (nor the time to acquire such expertise),
too bad
>but I like someone who says that all economic systems can be improved.
>Soros has been accused of socialism, but I do not think he is.

Just out to get maximum loot

merry thing,