Re: Exapending forever...

Tim Bates (
Sun, 27 Dec 1998 17:19:25 +1100

> Since Science_ has selected the conclusions that the universe
> will continually expand without contraction as the top science story
> of 1998 can anyone direct me to a source of information about how we
> can survive and grow forever in a forever expanding and cooling
> universe?

Tipler talks about the opposite.

For myself, I think the big bang is wrong. Try reading "the big bang never happened". By Eric Learner.

It describes how the size of structures in the universe is too large to have evolved within the short duration of the universe predicted by BB. It also notes that many BB predictions are very much ex-post facto and several are highly unscientific, i.e., dark matter. He has an excellent concluding chapter deploring the loss of progress as a human ideal in the period after WWII.

He makes a very plausible argument for Hannes Elfven's (creator of magneto hydrodynamics) idea that most of the structure in the universe results not from gravity, but rather from charged plasma activity.