QM and Mind

Hara Ra (harara@shamanics.com)
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 22:54:09 -0800

>> From: Anders Sandberg <asa@nada.kth.se>
>> >And frankly, quantum effects most probably have nothing to do with
>> >anything in the CNS (Penrose, Hameroff et al are widely regarded as
>> >silly by neuroscientists). OK, I might be wrong (and in that case I
>> >will admit it to whoever proves it on his or her Nobel lecture here in
>> >Stockholm), but the q-mind theory has no extraordinary evidence
>> >backing up its extraordinary claims.
>> I think I know what you mean when you write that quantum effects most
>> probably have nothing to do with anything in the CNS. You mean that quantum
>> effects do not result in cognitive effects, and that cognition and other
>> function does not interface or interact with matter at the quantum level,
>> yes?
Geez. Brains are NOISY, and like everything else, are QM objects. The CNS is designed to operate in spite of the noise, and in some cases, the noise is required. If you create a duplicate, divergence begins immediately for there is no way to replicate the microstates. However this might not be noticeable for a short while. This makes little functional difference. And, yes, all thoughts, perceptions, etc are eventually changed by QM. If I met both of your copies a week or two after being duplicated, the conversations would be different, but I would perceive both of you as the same person.

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