Re: nukes in texas

Michael S. Lorrey (
Thu, 24 Dec 1998 15:31:25 -0500

Spike Jones wrote:

> the article mentioned pantex and the daunting job they have of taking
> nukes out of service in response to the signing of the start 2 agreement
> in jan 93. a am still amazed by that chapter of history: because there
> were no guns and swords and uniforms scattered on the ground
> (as the song goes), no dancing round and round, but with the stroke of
> the pen, over half of the world's nuclear destuction potential was taken
> off line. the newspapers mentioned it in one paragraph on the bottom
> of page 19.

Don't count your chickens. The state Duma just tabled the treaty ratification vote until I beleive February, as they were ticked off over the iraq bombing we did. Funny thing is that their own arsenal is supposedly failing so fast that they now have less usable nukes than that treaty stipulates, while we still have our START I treaty quantities and won't draw them down till the Duma ratifies their end of the treaty. Makes you wonder what the heck they were thinking..... assuming that they are capable of that function. An overly generous assumption as far as I can see.

Mike Lorrey