Re: nukes in texas

Spike Jones (
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 22:50:24 -0800 wrote: I'm peachy keen. Although I am in Texas right

> now, I'm in the Panhandle (south of Amarillo a ways) and the weather is only
> cold here. In addition to which I'm shut down for the holidays.

ev, i travelled on business to a place near amarillo (pantex) where they recycle the
nuclear cores in the fleet ballistic missiles. that was a kick. they have a grand
underground facility with the most elaborate identification system i have ever seen. electronic locking doors, radiation detectors everywhere, children in army uniforms with machine guns, etc. (they dont want people trying to steal plutonium.)

reason i mentioned it: one security device had me place my hand upon a grid. it somehow measured the resistance between digits. they say the resistance pattern is different for each person, even identical twins, it cannot be fooled by
any known technology and very seldom fails to correctly identify the person (seldom turns down a legitimate hand). if we have that, why do we need credit cards? seems like that would be foolproof and unstealable.

> No use tempting fate...

im with you there. merry newtonmass! spike