Re: bad weather in texas

Spike Jones (
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 22:32:57 -0800

> Spike Jones wrote: evmick, are you ok? i heard tx had bad weather...
> Dan Clemmensen wrote: Spike, Ev lives in his truck, so we
> hear from him from all over.

i know. last he posted his whereabouts, it was in tx, close to where they had that big pileup problem.

> ...DC area, where my kids just cam back into the house after
> participating in a wild neighborhood night sledding party.

ice is good for kids, bad for the rest of us. several years ago i worked at china lake and they had a rare cold snap one day when the temp was about 14 f (-10 c). to get on the base you had to show your badge at the guard gate. the guard had seen me riding a motorcycle on a number of occasions when the weather was nicer. went out that morning, truck wouldnt start. i needed to get to work , so just for laughs i decided to try starting my old bike. fired up second kick. i put on every stitch of clothing i owned and off i went.

when i got to the guard gate, i managed to stop the bike but i was in a hypothermic torpor and my hands were too frozen to get my badge out of my pocket. i struggled to find the badge and the guard said "i *KNOW* who you are, you silly ass. who else would ride a motorcycle on a day like this? get in here before you freeze to death." {8^D spike