Re: clone your perfect mate - order now!

Anders Sandberg (
23 Dec 1998 13:15:26 +0100

"Rebecca Everton" <> writes:

> >>> Want the truely 'perfect mate'? someone just like you?
> >>> the answer is obvious... CREATE A FUCKABLE CLONE!!
> As a hetrosexual, if they made a male clone of me, isn't there a high
> chance he would be homosexual? That would rather defeat the
> object.....!

That depends on the origin of homosexuality. The currently most popular theory (?) suggests that it is a complex interaction between intrauterine environment, especially hormones from the mother (likely a surrogate mother in this case; part of the inheritance of homosexuality seems to be explainable as mother-linked genes that might affect this), genetic predisposition (of unknown size once you factor out the mother's contribution) and upbringing. If you make a clone of yourself with one sex chromosome changed (it isn't a clone in that case, we might need another term for it) his sexual preferences will likely be heterosexual. Whether the clone of a homosexual person would be homosexual is an interesting question. My guess is clones with different surrogate mothers would have correlated preferences similar to siblings or so.

(Isn't this thread getting silly? Or perhaps it was utterly silly from the beginning.)

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