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Tue, 22 Dec 1998 11:09:23 -0500

Samael wrote:

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> Regardless which direction they're imposed, I claim that imposing anything
> >on anyone by force is simply uncivilized behavior, whether it's displayed
> >by a schoolyard bully or endemic in the population at large. To the extent
> >any culture - including ours - embraces the idea that coercion is
> >defensible behavior, it has no claim to be a civilized culture. Cultural
> >relativism is beside the point.
> So you'd discount what most people mean by civilised (just did a quick check
> and found that the most common definition runs to "Technologically advanced
> and rationally ordered"). And remove all possible candidates for
> civilisation (there being none that fit your criteria).

Its not a matter of what the current standard of 'civilization' is. We have higher standards for ourselves and those around us, so of course our idea of civlization is going to exceed that of the current day.

Mike Lorrey