Re: FW: Property [was Re: The Education Function]
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 08:30:54 -0700

I wrote:
>I think that most peacefully inclined people would tend to agree that
>society becomes more civilized as aggressive behavior diminishes.

Samael replies:
>I think that the effect is going in the opposite direction:

>As societies become more civilised (and thus more technologically advanced
>and richer) there is less competition for resources and less need for
>agressive behaviour.

I guess it works both ways. There seems to be a spiral effect driven by mutual reinforcement. Very hopeful trend, what?

>Interesting factoid (unsubstantiated): No country with a MacDonalds in it
>has ever declared war with another country with a MacDonalds in it.

Ah, but what about Jack? Is he secretly in league with Saddam? It's all starting to come clear... :-)

>Personally I think Macdonalds is behind the global conspiracy.

<chuckle> Sounds as likely as any conspiracy theory I've seen. I almost hope it's true.