Re: Cryonics Thoughts

Randy (
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 00:54:35 GMT

On Mon, 21 Dec 1998 15:46:40 PST, you wrote:

>>4) Is life insurance even Transhuman? I'm betting I'll die before my
>>>family does. The whole point of being transhuman is that I DON'T
>>But you have to get to the time when immortalist technology is routine.
>>only way I know of is via the Dewar.
>>>I'd almost rather spend the money on staying healthy - supplements,
>>And even if you get 50 more years, you die, dead, the real death.
>>>Any thoughts? Suggestions?
>Why is are you so worried about dying anyway? You never existed for
>billions of years before you were born, and that isn't too frightening a
>thought, to why should not existing again be so terribe?
>Besides what if you die and it is a pleasurable experience

Yeeh, and tell yourself that when you are crossing the street and see a semi truck bearing down on you.....

>there is a heaven) and then you get brought back from it to spend
>another 50 years in this grim old place, surrounded by scientists doing
>tests on you, in an alien world, where probably all your friends and
>family have died, leaving you all alone. .....And to think you never
>went on that holiday to Hawii in your original life, just to pay for
>the priviledge......

Let's face it: Life is all we have.

Cryonics: Gateway to the Future?