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Mon, 21 Dec 1998 10:07:00 -0500

I'm in the process of adding links to the Adventurous Traveler Bookstore that sells books and cd-roms online to my website as part of their revinue sharing program. I've bought a few products from them in the past and they have good quality stuff, mostly travel and travel/outdoors related books, plus CD-ROMS that are mostly mapping resources, though I did buy "The Art of Fly Tying" on CD-ROM. For those of you interested in making a positive cash flow off of your website, here are the details (note: I am making no money off of referring you, so don't look at this as a spam):

Dear Mr. Lorrey,
Thanks for your interest in the program. Here are the details. If you would like to become a member please go to the following page and fill out
the information.

-A 12% cash commission will be paid on the first month of orders placed
through the Adventurous Traveler Bookstore. * This one month commission rate is a one time offer, you cannot leave ATB and come back and receive

another months rate at 12%.

-A 6% cash commission will be applied on every order after that first
month of sales. Or you can accrue 12% store credit. Which can be applied
to orders you place at any time with us.

-We base our commission on the full price of our titles and include the
backordered items when they are back in stock. *ATB figures your percentage from the full retail price of the book. *ATB processes backorders daily.

-Commisions do not apply to ATB Gift Certificates, ATB Book Club
Memberships or Rare and Out-of-Print titles available on our site.

-Checks and reports will be sent out to you on a quarterly schedule.

Three different ways to link to ATB.
-Regular ATB banner that will link directly to the ATB home page.
-You may link the product that is on your page directly to the product
the ATB shopping cart. -You may also pick a banner pertaining to the content on your page and have the link go directly to that category on the
ATB page. ie. if you are you may choose to have a

banner that will directly link to our activity page that shows all of the
titles on biking.

Banner Location and choices.
-Atleast one banner must be present on the home page of an ATB
-Upon requesting information, you will receive a selection of banners to

choose from. If none of these work out with your page, you may submit an
idea you have for a banner to us.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best Regards,

Erich Finley

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I'd like to set up links from my website to yours for this purpose. Since I've bought a couple of products of yours in the past, I could put

up reviews of these with links to your site.

Mike Lorrey

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