Re: Religious fanatics 1999-2000
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 05:16:57 -0800 (PST)

xebec [] wrote:
> Since many people out there are less positive and tend to believe
>that there will be majorly horrible events occuring in the next 24
>months ahead of us

Personally I think that there will be plenty of horrible events occuring in the next twenty-four months, but that the eventual outcome will be positive, in taking down big government and much of big business for good. I would prefer the world to continue as it is and for the State to just "wither away", but it doesn't seem likely.

>Meaning we could have religious nuts (middle east?),
>or just general doomsdayers (terrorists, etc), causing all kinds of
>destruction to our planet and our civilization.

I hardly think the actions of "religious nuts" and "doomsayers" will compare to the perfectly rational actions of military leaders in countries like North Korea and Iraq; the US government has taken on the task of policing the world, the military is already overstretched and in 2000 many of its computer systems will go down. It will be a perfect time to settle the old scores that have been boiling away under the US-imposed "global peace", and that will take down the whole facade.

>Anyone given any thought on this? And is there anything we can
>do as extropians to prevent these useless and backward-thought
>actions from happening?.

Not really. As far as I'm concerned they're the inevitable results of decades of global mis-management, and they're going to happen sooner or later; US interference has just delayed them a little and made the consequences even worse.