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Max M (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 12:54:32 +0100

From: Eugene Leitl <>

>I'm a lousy coder, but a lot of what I can't do is limited by the
>kind of computational resources I have at my disposal. I can think
>of detailed plans for a desktop hardware giving me a factor of at
>least a billion over the machine I now sit in front of (in fact the
>thing is scalable many orders of magnitude upward, since being
>embarrasingly parallel). I think I could manage such hardware
>after a year or two.

We probably need to develop some kind of software that really would scale in usability according to the amount of processing it runs on. I think it can become a big problem that people settles for <$1000 computers. This could stop the exponential growth in the semiconductor industry and delay the time when us ordinary folks can get our hands on the raw iron.

Here I have the same goal as Intel. Keep those processor hungry apps coming!

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