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>You're arguing that it would be terrific to have regulators so incredibly
>intelligent that they always knew what the correct thing to do is, and even more
>incredibly always had the integrity and moral courage to actually do it.
>Well yes it would be terrific, so would a perpetual motion machine.

Joe E. Dees <>

>Well, writing the regulations properly

Oh OK, that solves the problem, we just write write the regulations properly.

>with knowledgeable input, say, from raw materials providers, product processors,
>waste disposal experts

I can see how their input would help the raw materials providers, the product processors, and the waste disposal experts but I can't see how it could help anyone else.

>human resource managers

What the hell is that? Sounds like a fancy name for a clerk in a employment agency.

>civil rights theorists for civrightsregs,

Oh Joy!

>and from ceo's, labor and economists for antitrustregs)

Do you actually expect to find the truth, to determine if a company should be destroyed by asking the Teamsters and CEOs from rival corporations?

>and having oversight for the regulators as well as the regulated

Wonderful, nothing adds more zip to a society than adding more red tape, but who regulates the regulators of the regulators?

One last question, many have asked you to stop quoting every line of a message when you answer it, why do you still do it?

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