Re: Extropian Statement??

my inner geek (
Sun, 20 Dec 1998 16:36:26 +0800

Hal Finney <>:

> And why on earth would we have to eliminate the "unfree" world (which by
> some people's definitions would include virtually everyone)? How could
> they use HDTV against us? How am I threatened if Saddam Hussein is able
> to broadcast on HDTV? It would be just another foreign language channel
> on the cable system.
> I haven't been able to follow any of Ken's reasoning.

Your right, Hal. My reasoning has been flawed lately. I'm short on cash, and haven't had my normal maintenance dosages of Seratonin and Dopamine reuptake inhibitors. This increases my aggression and depression, oddly enough.

When I was working in California at SGI, I had health insurance and good medical coverage. But, now I'm up in Seattle, unemployed, and lacking the funds necessary to treat my genetically inherited mental illness (depression). Now I have to try to find a doctor who will renew my prescriptions for free, between calls to my creditors to accept my minimum payments without destroying my perfect credit rating, which I had hoped to preserve in order to purchase a home.

I was quite happy on the following daily dosages:

   Wellbutrin 150mg SR (2 x per day)
   Prozac      20mg    (1 x per day)
   Skunkweed via Bong  (5 x per day)

Now I'm trapped in Seattle, and not eligible to work at the area's primary employer, simply because I missed my first day of work at Microsoft, due to my grief over my uncle Mark's death and inability to afford Cryonics insurance.


I wouldn't be broke right now if UPS had some sort of wireless check verification scheme, that would prevent things like my being robbed of $2910 because UPS accepted a bad cashier's check that some WATTS L.A. gang member created using Quicken and an HP Laserjet printer.


I would think that UPS ( and FedEx ( could get together with AT&T Wireless or USWEST PCS and Qualcomm to come up with a check verification system!

Anyway, now I'm depressed and thinking about all the shitty ways Teledesic ( could be used as a directed energy weapon to vaporize people who clone Microsoft Windows. I know they're working closely with Boeing, and Boeing knows all about such things.

What kind of satellite surveillance do you need to track the x,y,z coordinates of all the human NACs on earth?

We could build a database of the exact position of every nucleus accumbens (maybe in North Korea or Iraq), and do a large scale test of Bill Otto's fast steering mirrors in great big laser show!

Sorry... I'm getting violent thoughts again. Must be due to that low dopamine and seratonin level. It would be so terrible to see the loss of millions of lives in a new millenium Holocaust, just because one guy with an internet account could get his presriptions for a few milligrams of antidepressants!

Maybe we could hurry up and eliminate the Gold Standard!

The International Monetary Fund ( could switch over to the Riegel Economic System so people like my recently expired uncle Mark Howard Riegel could get an allowance of .111 per minute 24x7 for the indignity of being tracked (Mark of the Beast style cattle ranching).

That would come out to $58,341.60 per year. I think even my father, at 111 Mizar Place in Lompoc, CA, would be able to survive on this!