Re: Serpent and the Rainbow

Spike Jones (
Sun, 20 Dec 1998 14:01:44 -0800

> From: Spike Jones <>
> >is anyone familiar with the story called the serpent and the rainbow?
> Brian wrote: It's a classic case of truth being stranger than
> fiction.
> Zombification, the Hattian answer to the death penalty.... The person
> is even pronounced dead by western physicians, so complete is the
> paralysis, and they are conscious the whole time. Usually after
> dark they are dug up by the Oungaun and his henchmen.

so then brian you take the book as fact? i saw the movie with a friend who went to harvard and had met dr. davis. the movie was really scarey, because you didnt know if any given scene was reality or a drug induced halucination. agreed, the movie bore little resemblance to the book.

the reason i brought it up was i had an intriguing idea. haiti is certainly
a preindustrial technology level, yet they managed to discover a drug (tetradotoxin) that does something that we smart guys couldnt yet do: simulate death. they also figured out the antidote. nowthen, if the haitians could do it, why not the jews of 2k yrs ago? could not the followers of jesus christ have given him death-simulating drugs in order to get the romans to release his body, then revived him and set up a resurrection story? just a thought. spike