software terrorism 1999-2000

Spike Jones (
Sun, 20 Dec 1998 13:42:07 -0800

davelook wrote: I believe there may be some people in power

> >out there where if "God doesn't deliver" (notice the sarcasm there),
> >then they will.. Meaning we could have religious nuts (middle east?),
> >or just general doomsdayers (terrorists, etc), causing all kinds of
> >destruction to our planet and our civilization.

what if y2k'ers put intentional bugs in software? i mean, what if they are contracted to fix y2k bugs, then intentionally put new bugs in the software, so that they can contract to later "find" and fix them? microsoft powerpoint is a prime example of later versions having bugs that were not found in earlier. seems like y2k'ers would benefit if some havoc were to occur on the appointed date. {8-[ spike