Re: Religious fanatics 1999-2000

davelook (
Sun, 20 Dec 1998 13:39:50 -0500

> I've always had a very positive outlook on the future of humanity,
>it's ability to improve itself, (or atleast that there is a lot of room
>improvement :-) ), etc etc, BUT...
> Since many people out there are less positive and tend to believe
>that there will be majorly horrible events occuring in the next 24
>months ahead of us; I believe there may be some people in power
>out there where if "God doesn't deliver" (notice the sarcasm there),
>then they will.. Meaning we could have religious nuts (middle east?),
>or just general doomsdayers (terrorists, etc), causing all kinds of
>destruction to our planet and our civilization.
> Anyone given any thought on this? And is there anything we can
>do as extropians to prevent these useless and backward-thought
>actions from happening?. I believe I've read that around 999 AD
>there were some major events occuring (ie: Wars were started
>for the end of the world), well with the advent of mass-destruction
>technology, we only need one warring party to bring an end to
>us all...
> Just a thought..

It's even scarier if you've read "Mankind in Amnesia" by Velikovsky.