Re: Australia cf. USA

dwayne (
Sun, 20 Dec 1998 23:49:07 +1100 wrote:

> It appears that retroman might have said.
> > > Then again, to an American, being
> > > a subject of anybody is almost as bad as being a prisoner....
> To which someone replied.
> >
> > What a fatuous statement.
> Well no. I don't think so. I see very little difference between being a
> "subject" or being a prisoner. But then I'm a Texan too. My ancestors
> escaped from being "subjects" and for quiet some time we enjoyed relative
> freedom. Unfortunately recently it has been voted away in increasing
> increments.

This is just silly. You can't see any difference between being incarcerated and being the subject of a monarch? Really? I mean, aside from the usual sophistry which surrounds this subject here, you honestly can't see any difference?