Re: Surviving in the Wild (was "Property")

davelook (
Sun, 20 Dec 1998 01:27:00 -0500

> I am living in Laconia, which is in central NH. There may be
>towns in NH that have very little in the way of tech-gear, but nothing is
>ever very far away. Being in a small city, I have two Walmarts each
>within 10 minutes of my home. We have numerous chain stores and dining
>locations all over NH, in addition to the small, as you say, "mom and pop"
>stores. As Mike Lorrey pointed out, we have several top-notch malls in
>our state, as well as numerous "plaza" shopping locations. We have
>several Barnes and Noble stores, Borders, Computer City, CompUSA,
>Everything that we could ever need is right here. However, one can always
>climb into the car and within 10 minutes find themselves in the middle of
>the woods, or hiking a mountain, seemingly miles away from civilization.
>This is the beauty of NH, and Northern New England in general. We have
>the conveniences of modern life, perhaps more so than others, yet we have
>integrated it seamlessly (usually) with the surrounding natural beauty.

Well put, Roderick.
Spike, I know you were just kidding, I just want to share how I came to be here.

In a previous post I mentioned that I moved from Colorado to New Hampshire for "quality of life" purposes. A year prior to moving here, my wife and I flew out here from Colo. to get married. (her parents live here). The contrast with Denver was
incredible. I fell in love with it. The way new englanders are able to integrate natural beauty with everyday living amazed me. A year later I found a more satisfying job and I've never been happier.

Dave L.