Re: Extropian Statement??

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Fri, 18 Dec 1998 23:27:43 +0800

Terry Donaghe <> wrote:
> Would yall consider this to be an Extropian statement or philosophy?
> "I do not advocate the initiation of force to promote social or
> political goals."

I agree 100%. However, *information* itself is a form of force. For example, ubiquitous broadband is a form of force. I'm *FOR* widely available broadband. However, if we deploy supercomputing hypercube superparallel terabyte ram lasercom autorouter DSP wireless HDTV proxies in the free world, we need to eliminate the unfree world, less they use these items *against* us.

Let's assume that Harry Truman ( together with Howard Hughes and created a black box money-no-object all necessary means whatever it takes special project to make sure that all freedom loving people could be set free by the year 2000.

One of the means available as an option would be Hydrogen bombs and laser-to-nucleus accumbens light shows.

This may sound cruel, but historically speaking, we all die sooner or later. I personally would prefer *not* to die. However, a totally open system can't be created unless the memeset carriers opposed to freedom are disabled. This might not mean killing everyone who disagrees with freedom: but it might mean giving the enemies of freedom neurotomies to disable their attitude control nuerons that are involved in opposing freedom.

For example, North Korea.  Closed society.  DEFINITELY NOT OPEN 
SOURCE.  So, they have a choice, open their system, or be 
deactivated, top down, until the society opens.  We can start with 
lasers, and go from the top of the social pyramid down, or we can use hydrogen bombs to deactivate the whole populace at once.

Obviously, death and violence are not desirable, and freedom, kindless, gentleness, and tolerance are preferable. But, we can't all wait around forever while closed societies remain rigid and dogmatic in their defiance of openness and liberty.

There's something called revisionist history. In other words, it's quite likely that enemies of freedom could be culled from the herd without the public at large even being made aware of it.

Personally, I firmly believe that we will all be free by 2000.

If you have friends in North Korea or Bahdad, I would advise you to advise them to move to the country (as far as possible from densely populated areas). Personally, I would hate to see anyone who favors freedom to be in harms way.
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