Re: Uses of cloning

Tim Bates (
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 15:41:43 +1100

Samael said
>some people would much rather be strong than smart (in fact, by the way
>the world seems to work, vastly more people are into sport than are into
>intelligence based activities). So people are taking advantage of this
>rather than of becoming an einstein.

I don't even know why i am replying to this:

  1. I have never met anyone who was glad that they were unintelligent.
  2. The notion that people choose not to be Einstein and instead take up sport is ludicrous.

A central benefit of conversations like this is that people have to put into words exactly what their position is: then consequences can be derived, as they were above. At this point, so many of the cherished beliefs of our world come into stark relief as the nonsense that they are. Such is the case with notions of equipotentiality and communitarian beliefs.