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> > Fascism, anarchism, communism; our only choices seem to be,
> > according to you, the extremes. I guess that makes you an
> > extremist Joe
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> In an earlier time...World War Two...Fascism controlled a large portion of the
> global economy...some would argue (by the definition I presented earlier) that
> it still does.
> In a more recent time..up until the end of the cold war ....communism
> controlled a large portion of the global economy .....some would argue that
> (china) still does.
> So apparently neither of these are extremes since they controlled major
> segments of the global economy and population.
> I can't recall any time that anarchy of the sort discussed on this list has
> ever been globally popular. Even in Europe following the fall of the Roman
> Empire the Anarchy thus reviled was actually various and petty gangs
> terrorizing each other. I suppose some would call that anarchy but it has
> little to do with Anarcho-Capitalism.
> So yeah...I guess I am an extremist....guilty as charged. I'd like to see
> individual freedom maximized. EXTREMELY
> EvMick
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I want to see everyone have all the freedom they can have without interfering in the same freedoms of others, and where freedoms come into conflict with each other, the conflicts should be resolved by means of equal and proportional compromise. Joe