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> writes:
> > necessity of running the military in a nondemocratic
> > manner, I was (and remain) too much of an individualist to tolerate it
> > personally.
> could have fooled me. From your rants I get the impression that
> you are a fascist.
> Of course, I guess it depends on the definition of fascism. The definition
> I'm using is the one mentioned by Harry Brownseveral years ago in one of his
> books. (perhaps "how to live free in an unfree world"?) I beleive it goes
> something (loosely speaking) to the order of "Private ownership of <economic>
> production.... but under ......Government control..".
> Isn't that what you're advocating? Or are you advocating pure socialism. <
> The Government ownership AND control of production.....>
> (of DerSchlickMiester has so artfully demonstrated....definitions
> can be your milage may vary)
> Either way it hardly qualifies as individualism...
> EvMick...
> SanAntonio Tx.
Fascism, anarchism, communism; our only choices seem to be, according to you, the extremes. I guess that makes you an extremist Joe