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Fri, 18 Dec 1998 15:44:24 EST

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> necessity of running the military in a nondemocratic 

> manner, I was (and remain) too much of an individualist to tolerate it
> personally. could have fooled me. From your rants I get the impression that you are a fascist.

Of course, I guess it depends on the definition of fascism. The definition I'm using is the one mentioned by Harry Brownseveral years ago in one of his books. (perhaps "how to live free in an unfree world"?) I beleive it goes something (loosely speaking) to the order of "Private ownership of <economic> production.... but under ......Government control..".

Isn't that what you're advocating? Or are you advocating pure socialism. < The Government ownership AND control of production.....>

(of DerSchlickMiester has so artfully demonstrated....definitions can be your milage may vary)

Either way it hardly qualifies as individualism...

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