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> >I was once so brainwashed, which is why I served in the military. I have
> been
> >able to break the programming for the most part, and know that the system
> is
> >rotten to the core.
> It is interesting that people who feel they have been nrainwashed frequently
> react in an extreme way to this - hence ex-smokers being vehemntly
> anti-smoking and ex-alcholics freuqnelty being the most ant-drinking people.
> The ex-Christians I know are also the most antireligious people that I
> know - to the point of irrationality.
> Samael
I am also ex-military; I hunted subs from the air (H-2's, P-3's). Military organizations are, by necessity, fascist in nature, for orders must be obeyed immediately, without question, for them to be efficient in combat. When you join, you forfeit the constitutional rights and freedoms you pledge to protect; you are no longer covered by the Constitution, but by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (the UCMJ) and its infamous Article 134, the General Article, which permits prosecution for anything the military authorities believe to be an offense, but which they forgot to mention in the other articles. After a single tour, I got out (although I was offered a substantial bonus to re-enlist) because, although I could see the necessity of running the military in a nondemocratic manner, I was (and remain) too much of an individualist to tolerate it

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