Re: Uses of cloning

Scott Badger (
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 08:20:39 -0600

>Eliezer writes:
>> The interesting one for me would be dumping 200 Einsteins into the
>> populace and seeing what happened. The massive necessity of this logic
>> must have somehow been lost on the rest of the human race, insofar as
>> women haven't flocked to that sperm bank for geniuses someone started.
>FYI there is a small web page for the "Repository for Germinal Choice,"
>one of the genius sperm banks, at
>It has three pictures of children, presumably the product of sperm donors.
>They seem to have rather large heads.

Hmm. If we successfully encouraged women to use genius sperm banks, I wonder what % of those children would grow up to be evil geniuses? I'd want those parents checked out pretty closely. One evil genius could do a lot of damage...especially if s/he uploaded!