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> Joe E. Dees wrote:
> > Mr. Lorrey sounds like a sterling candidate for The Order. Been
> > reading the Turner Diaries, Hunter, Serpent's Walk and Unintended
> > Consequences lately, have we?
> What is this in reference to? My description of the theories of people
> like McVeigh? I never said I beleived in them, so please keep your rude
> insults to yourself. I have served this country faithfully in the
> military, and I have marched with lesbians, argued in support of
> economic equality for minorities, as well as many other things those
> people would find abhorrent. Your rude and unfounded leaping to
> conclusions is wholly unwarranted.
> Now, given the theory I posted, can you refute the facts of any of it?
> If you can, and convince me, then you've done better than I, because
> according to these facts, they are right in this instance, as far as I
> can see. The problem with government is there tend to be many 'right'
> positions, because government and the law is so convoluted, and its the
> one with the biggest guns or the best PR, or the most votes that wins,
> which is really the only thing that can nullify an argument like theirs,
> which is why it takes events like Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Montana
> Freemen to end such political 'heresies'. Considering that it takes such
> violence to resolve these conflicts is a strike against government, not
> for it.
> Mike Lorrey

In college, I helped ramrod the funding of the Black Student Union past a reluctant white student senate (I'm white). I publicized the danger an industrial park posed to a watershed above our local water supply, resulting in pollution disposal and storage bans being added to the land use covenant, and revealed racial discrimination present in, of all places, local employment agencies, which resulted in their reorganization. I was one of five central committee organizers who, on the basis of a demographic study I designed, pursued the paving of rural roads being ignored by our urbanbiased county government, in the course of which I discovered and revealed that they were diverting gas tax monies, which were supposed to go solely towards road construction, into other projects, resulting in the subsequent defeat of 4 of the 5 commissioners at the polls and the subsequent paving of the roads.

I have spent nights in abortion clinics to forestall firebombings, discovered and revealed to the local courts that antiabortion activist Joan Andrews missed her arraignment here on the charges of trespassing and property destruction due to her arrest and incarceration under the same charges in another state, resulting in a pretrial investigation revealing that she had perpetrated such crimes more than 200 times in the two preceding years, a discovery which resulted in the imposition of a 5 year prison sentence rather than the expected fine and probation, and endured auto and home vandalism and numerous death threats because of it (I'm from Pensacola). I have personally seen the kind of violence misguided self-righteousness can incite (a circle of fundies praying to god fervently and specifically for your immediate death is a chilling sight). I am not and have never been a government employee, yet as an outside gadfly I have been able to right numerous wrongs and get many badly needed things done here. Any government, church, corporation or labor union is susceptible to corruption simply because they are comprised of imperfect people; yet if one is willing to persevere, one may work with the system to get good things done and bad things stopped without necessarily having to reside within it, and this is a factor in its favor. Joe