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> Joe writes:
> >I'm arguing for a free market economy with regulations [...]
> Stop right there. You're arguing for a contradiction. By definition, a
> regulated market is not a free market - unless you're referring to
> *self-regulation*, which doesn't appear to be the case.
> The objectives you cite for regulation of the economy, insofar as they are
> legitimate, can all be met by the allocation mechanism of the market
> itself: that, of course, is the basic claim of anarcho-capitalism.
> Or if you're afraid of too much freedom, a minimalist will argue that tort
> law or criminal law, administered by a greatly reduced "government", will
> take care of fraud, theft and the like, with no need to intrude into the
> workings of the market itself.
> The bottom line is: freedom and coercion don't mix. A "little" regulation
> turns a free market into a managed market, with all the attendant problems.
The only people/corporations who would have problems with my regulations would be bigots, polluters and price gougers. Just which category are you defending specifically? Joe