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Thu, 17 Dec 1998 12:30:44 -0600

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> >First, defense contractors under a libertarian >society will more
> carefully select to whom they >sell weapons, because they will be held
> >responsible if another party uses their >weapons against other
> Americans written by Michael Scarazzo
> How is this a libertarian response? Why should
> the defense contractor be held responsible for the way someone uses a
> weapon after it has been bought? This sounds like Chicago's Mayor
> Daley, who is suing gun manufacturers & gun shops to recover money spent
> on police
> & medical bills due to gun-related crime. Are you suggesting that the
> contractor should be sued, or are you suggesting a boycott-type
> response? The latter would be more of a
> libertarian response, IMO.
> Neither a flame nor an attempt to revive the
> "Are guns extropian?" thread; just one libertarian seeking clarification
> of another's
> statement.
People will buy the most effective weaponry available to them, regardless of whoever else the weapons company sells it to; otherwise they increase their own risk of defeat and death. Joe