Re: Surviving in the Wild (was "Property")

Spike Jones (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 22:02:19 -0800

> spike wrote:> > i was about an hour northwest of boston on business...
> .
> > > extropian would suffer miserably in such a place. are
> > > any of you from up there? how do you cope? {8^D spike
> Roderick A. Carder-Russell wrote: I am living in Laconia...

roderick, i fear folks took my post far more seriously than i had intended it. {8^D i liked certain aspects of my visit to the northeast. even people who live in the middle of a big city will likely buy their computer stuff from an online mail order place, and books too, from amazon. we have plenty of malls and big generic shops around here, but very seldom do i visit one of them.

it might seem like i am a born city type, but i grew up in a dippy little town in florida and couldnt wait to run away from home. i like it much better here.

this little box that you and i are now sitting in front of has opened the world to all of us. we can live in outter scumbucket wyoming if we want, and still learn about technology, converse with anyone in the world, let our brains grow instead of atrophying, survive in the wild as you would say. is this cool or what? {8-]

if anyone here is from outter scumbucket wyoming, dont flame, just kidding, bygones, i like wyoming. {8^D vacationed there last year, hadda good time. i like massachusetts too, but ill be durned if see how the state government figures a toll booth is a good idea. here, they just make a carpool lane, which stays nearly empty, and charge the yahoos 271 clams if they get caught driving single in it. and they get caught almost every day.

thanks for the post roderick! your heartfelt defense of nh was inspiring. {8-] yours from the flatland, spike