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> Joe asks, "What about Standard Oil, Dick?"
> What about it? It was an innovative company that made kerosene available to
> the masses at very affordable prices. But when Rockefeller got a bit too
> ambitious, it lost a healthy chunk of market share to upstart competitors -
> long before anybody thought to invoke the newly-concocted "antitrust" laws
> against it.
> Your point was...?
> Dick
Historical revisionism in the servise of shoring up an indefensible position becomes no one. Standard Oil had a stranglehold on the vast preponderence of the oil supply and would undersell (below their own cost - it's called 'dumping') "upstart" competitors out of business in any region where they cropped up, at which point they would jack their prices back up to usurious levels. They were tailormade for government dissolution in the interests of the citizenry. Joe