Re: A Calm Transition to Liberty

my inner geek (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 11:49:23 +0800

"my inner geek" <> wrote:

> If the list included links to "this week's" lowest priced wholesale
> component vendors, than this would create a resource for bypassing
> retail and mail order channels for hardware and software systems.

Maybe we can figure this out a week in advance or so, if the Linux drivers are available from the vendors?!!

And maybe a naming convention for the hard drive images.

Here's a suggested naming convention for the PowerQuest Drive Image complete partitions for the different OS systems by week.

   199850NT.PQI (Year 1998, Week 50, Windows NT System Image)
   19985098.PQI (Year 1998, Week 50, Windows 98 System Image)
   19985095.PQI (Year 1998, Week 50, Windows 95 System Image)
   199850LX.PQI (Year 1998, Week 50, Windows Linux System Image)

I'm looking forward to 199952LX.PQI ! This should be awesome!


That's a good size for a wireless HDTV Autorouter/RAM proxy!