Re: Joe's Universal Corporation (tm)
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 11:15:24 -0700

Joe appears to have written:

>It appears as if <> wrote:

Guilty as charged.

>|Joe writes:
>|>No gov't = no anti-trust or anti-monopoly laws.

>|Yes indeed. And good riddance.

>What would you suggest to stop a Company from becoming a monopoly and
>a defacto State?
>(I see no inherent difference between a State and a monopolistic Company.)

There you go again. You simply assume that without Big Brother, companies will become monopolies. You also make the odd assumption that a monopoly is a defacto state. Where are the premises to back up these assertions?

In point of fact, a true monopoly is an exclusive franchise _granted and enforced by government_. F'rinstance, the Post Office, or AT&T before the breakup, or most utilities. So your question is absurd.