Re: boycotting of corporations

Wed, 16 Dec 1998 16:17:21 +0100

It appears as if Michael Scarazzo <> wrote:
|_I_ am trying to educate others that government is not the cure-all
|that many believe it is. Business competition in a free and open
|market will do much more for individual; thus for society. We are in
|a society of individuals. For society to succeed, the good of the
|individual must be placed above ALL else.

I agree fully.

|Nestle is doing what the government has allowed it to do. The
|government that controls education and nearly everything else in that
|nation state is being unethical by permitting a company to abuse it's
|population. It does not provide a good education for the people and
|the government's leaders benefit monetarily at the expense of those
|who should be protected by them.

Would the Nestlé corporation refrain from performing these "unethical" actions if there not existed a government? If so, why?