Re: MEMS: Brains, Uploads, and Limbless Bodies

Anders Sandberg (
16 Dec 1998 11:08:23 +0100

"my inner geek" <> writes:

> Imagine removing all of your body, except for the core neurons in
> your brain required for experiencing pleasure, sights, sounds,
> touches, and g-forces.
> Imagine using quantum teleportation-based communication systems to
> offload all of the functions.
> You could have a little "worm" of nerves, that was a sentient being,
> with all the sensor systems made of artificial systems.

The little "worm" will not be that small if you want to keep things like thinking, language and memory - then you will need almost the whole of the brain (around a kilogram of squishy neurons). Which doesn't handle g-forces well.

Of course, you could replace the squishy neurons with something more durable like nanocircuits, and then you would get a liliputian upload.

> Would it be possible to locate the worm outside of the craft, yet
> using quantum telemetry to give the worm all the sensations of
> flight?

What is the need of quantum in all this? Why can't you use ordinary telemetry?

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