Re: META: Gentlefolk, please maintain include trimming discipline

Eugene Leitl (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 01:14:52 +0100

Michael Lorrey writes:

> YES, I know. Your email is coming out as HTML coded, so while my
> netscape can handle it, and make it look nicer than plain old ascii, it

You mean, even nicer than when rendered with proportional fonts? Gosh! It probably plays Gary D. while I read my mail, too. Unfortunately, I have to deal with a lot of ASCII art. Too bad.

> is a bit more than plain old ascii mail reader like to handle. While I
> lobbied for the list to convert to html a while back, and it seems kinda
> funny that a list of supposed forward thinkers would be opposed to
> progress, there are a lot of people who, for good security reasons, stay

Maybe that's perhaps there's very little progress to be had from converting to HTML? I can always convert my inbox with smart tools like

> with text mail readers.

Oh, my XEmacs can browse HTML ok. Question is, why should I bother? Security reasons even not taken into account.

> Also, Netscape pre-4.07 saw both plain text, then an attachment at the
> end which had the msmail version of the same message.

Funny, I use Netscape only for browsing, with JavaScript and Java turned off. Last time I activated it Netscape ate 250 MBytes worth of swap for no good reason at all.