Re: Joe's Universal Corporation (tm)
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 15:37:19 -0700

Joe had written:
> >Since business acts to maximize its profits, eventual total merger
> >(and total "market" - read consumer, people or citizenry - control)
> >would be a lead-pipe certainty.

To which I responded:
> This is a total _non sequitur_. How does profit maximization lead
> inexorably to "total merger"? In a free market, the consumer is always in
> control - where else does the profit come from?

Joe's comeback:
>If there's only one source to get what you must have, and one price
>for it (as in monopoly), profit is maximized right along with control.
>Citizens become businees slaves and corporate serfs. Joe

<Sigh> This is going nowhere.

Let me try one more time: _Why are you positing that there's only one source?_ How did we get to that point?

Can't you see that you're trying to argue by simply assuming your conclusion? You've offered nothing so far but unsupported assertions.