Re: Property

Dan Fabulich (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 16:52:08 -0500

Samael wrote:
>Me, personally? I advocate property "rights" with minimal taxation
>necessary for a basic state .

OK. Well then, since "property is theft," you're advocating theft. Do I understand you correctly?

>I believe the tax burden
>will get less and less as we get richer and richer (and peoples capacity for
>charity goes up - as well as peoples ability to look after themselves) until
>we approach (or possibly asymptotically approach) the libertarian ideal
>state where each person can look after themselves and there is no 'need' to
>help other people with the basic means of survival. I'd liek to believe in
>pure capitalism, believe me , I would, but I see too many flaws in it
>(although it is igetting better as we go along and certain things could do
>with being more purely capitalistic at the momnent).

I understand your dilemma, but consider this: the more and faster the economy grows, the fewer people die, ceteris paribus. Now there is no doubting that some people will die whether society pursues libertarian capitalism or whether society pursues tax-spend capitalism. The question is whether MORE people would die under libertarianism than under a welfare state.

Libertarianism has an added advantage compared to welfare, namely, that it will get us to immortalizing technology much faster than will a welfare state (again, thanks to the rapid economic growth). I put it to you that since a libertarian economy grows so much faster than an economy on welfare does, fewer people will die if society pursues capitalism than will die if society pursues welfare.

The argument that welfare saves lives through mandatory charity for the poor is dubious. Private charity can and does surpass gov't charity, both in quantity and in quality. In addition, there is plenty of data showing that charity increases as the economy grows; thus welfare ultimately leads to less charity, rather than more, in the long run.

Thus, since libertarianism saves more lives than welfare, we should endorse libertarianism and reject welfare.