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Tue, 15 Dec 1998 15:31:09 -0600

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> Joe writes:
> >No gov't = no anti-trust or anti-monopoly laws.
> Yes indeed. And good riddance.
> >Since business acts to maximize its profits, eventual total merger
> >(and total "market" - read consumer, people or citizenry - control)
> >would be a lead-pipe certainty.
> This is a total _non sequitur_. How does profit maximization lead
> inexorably to "total merger"? In a free market, the consumer is always in
> control - where else does the profit come from?
> Dick

If there's only one source to get what you must have, and one price for it (as in monopoly), profit is maximized right along with control. Citizens become businees slaves and corporate serfs. Joe