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> Joe E. Dees [] wrote:
> >watched an ABC special
> >about a villager who spent an entire day digging down through the
> >mud to the front of his former home just to salvage his door.
> You, of course, have sold everything you owned and sent the money over there
> to help out all these people you "care" so much about, right? No?

No, and that's exactly my point. Were I to bankrupt myself, it wouldn't even be a drop in their bucket of disaster-induced need. Present-day Honduras is a place and time where government assistance means the difference between life and death for masses of hard-working but now destitute people who did NOTHING to deserve their plight. So you don't care; then go ahead and take ethical egotism to the solipsistic extreme. It's an irrefutable position, but a lonely one. Joe
> >Feelgood self-righteous anarchist propaganda may do you some
> >good, but it doesn't do a damn thing for all those poor bastards down
> >there.
> Neither does feelgood self-righteous socialist propaganda, but we seem to be
> getting plenty of it around here.
Maybe plenty of BOTH! Joe
> Mark