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> ---Samael <> wrote:
> > For instance, Nestle (producers of vast amounts of chocolate and
> Nescafe
> > Coffee) are boycotted by some people because they use policies in
> the third
> > world which cause the deaths of thousands of babies a year. Do any
> of the
> > libertarians on this list boycott them? Or anyone else?
> Since the GOVERNMENTS in those countries control access to resources,
> thus maintaining the relative poverty of the general population, they
> are the monopoly over certain resources like people, that enact the
> policies allowing companies to exploit the resources.
The problem is
> government. If the third world countries did not tyrannical
> governments of unlimited power, the populations would not suffer as
> they do now. They would have the individual and local authority to
> stop the government policies.

Yeah, yeah, the dirty rotten governments made the poor corporations do it to their people! Yeah! That's the ticket!
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