RE: Extropian Music?

Jetzen (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 10:15:13 -0800

> On a related note; comic books. Have any of you ever read a comic book
> series called Mircle Man (previously published as Marvel Man in the UK
> several decades ago) published by Eclipse Comics? The first half of the
> series was written by Alan Moore, the second half by Neil Gaiman (writer
> of the Sandman comics). Extremely strong extropian themes. Does anyone
> have a series that they think fits extropian/transhumanist ideas?
> Dana

Yes- "Madman" by Mike Allred, published by Dark Horse. Older issues published by Kitchen Sink. Very fun and positive. The lead character, Madman, is named Frank Einstein. He knows he died and was brought back to life by another character in the series, a mad-scientist type, but he can't remember his previous life. Chock-full of wacky robots and hi-jinx, campy violence and gorgeous art.