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> >Samael polls the netizenry:
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> >Further to conversations in this newsgroup regarding how corporations would
> >not be able to do what they liked, I'd be interested in how many people are
> >boycotting corporations for ethical reasons.
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> >For instance, Nestle (producers of vast amounts of chocolate and Nescafe
> >Coffee) are boycotted by some people because they use policies in the third
> >world which cause the deaths of thousands of babies a year. Do any of the
> >libertarians on this list boycott them? Or anyone else?
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> >Well, if I were convinced of the above claim, I would boycott Nestle. But I
> >don't rely on the popular media for real information. Where do you come by
> >your opinion on this?
> Aid workers working out there, the various different groups organising
> boycotts against nestle (as of a few years ago, anyway).
> Haven't seen anything in the popular media about this at all.
> Nestle offer free milk products to new mothers, they use these (not thinking
> it through/knowing enough), tye then produce less milk (the mothers body
> automatically adjusts to produce less milk if it's not needed). They then
> can't afford to carry on with the products and most ofthem have no access to
> fresh water anyway, so theycan't produce the milk for their children either
> naturally or unnaturally.
> All of this is of course subject to the usual FUD - especially as I haven't
> seen anything on this recently. If anyone has up to date info on this I
> would be glad to hear about it.
> Samael
> (who doesn't eat chocolate or drink coffee anyway - so it doesn't affect him
> either way)
Some U.S. company was selling artificially flavored sugar water to third-world countries as infant apple juice. Gerber, maybe? Joe