Re: Final Challenge to Socialists

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> Joe E. Dees wrote:
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> > > Me:
> > > >You're not getting the message... If a service is so indispensable, why do
> > > >we have to be forced to support it???
> > >
> > > Joe:
> > > >Sometimes we are not individually able to support it; then we simply
> > > >die.
> > >
> > > Only if we remain isolated instead of associating with others to meet our
> > > common needs (or we're not permitted to peacefully associate). This doesn't
> > > necessitate violence against anyone, merely voluntary cooperation. If you
> > > want something, but you can't (or don't wish to) persuade me to help, that
> > > doesn't bestow on you a right to coerce me.
> > >
> > > Dick
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> > How could the Central Americans reover from the hurricane without
> > global gov't-coordinated assistance? None of them are in any
> > position to help each other (at least not enough).
> I'll take this one. What you don't know about the recovery effort is that the
> overwhelming majority of assistance is NOT from other governments, but from
> private corporations, mainly in the US, and from private citizens. I personally
> know three people who just got on a plane and went down there to volunteer in
> hospitals, and all of their freinds up here are putting together large support
> packages. Another freind of mine just got back from Africa where he was doing
> hospital work for several weeks (he's an anasthesiologist). Whenever there is a
> disaster here in the US, outside of government payouts to businesses and private
> insurance payouts, the relief support is almost entirely funded by private groups
> and businesses. Several home manufacturers have donated literally thousands of
> manufactured homes to various hurricane victims in the South.
> You really need to do your research before you spout off like that.
> Mike Lorrey
If there are millions homeless in Honduras, as has been reported, mathematics entails that only one in hundreds has been housed by such an effort, laudable as it may be. I watched an ABC special about a villager who spent an entire day digging down through the mud to the front of his former home just to salvage his door. That way, he would have one if he were ever able to build a home again. Feelgood self-righteous anarchist propaganda may do you some good, but it doesn't do a damn thing for all those poor bastards down there. Joe