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Tue, 15 Dec 1998 11:49:45 -0600

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Subject:        	Joe's Universal Corporation (tm)
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> I wrote:
> > I still want to know *how* you think a (non-munitions) company is going
> to
> > take over the world on its own.
> Joe writes:
> >If there was just one corporation (post-merger), as there was in
> >communism, they would produce munitions, too.
> What I want to know is how you think we'd get to the point of just one
> corporation existing to begin with. You're just presuming that this can
> somehow magically happen. I'm saying it's impossible without some
> aggressive mechanism (e.g. government) already in place and available for
> exclusive use by the would-be universal corporation.
> C'mon, Joe, put some thought into it this time.
> Dick
No gov't = no anti-trust or anti-monopoly laws. Since business acts to maximize its profits, eventual total merger (and total "market" - read consumer, people or citizenry - control) would be a lead-pipe certainty.